Consultant Dietitians

Need a Registered Dietitian for your organization?  Nutrition That Works, LLC can meet your short-term and long-term needs for qualified nutrition professionals.

We specialize in providing highly qualified nutrition professionals to meet your facility staffing needs. Our staff is proficient in federal and state guidelines regulating nutritional services.

Serving these Clinical and Community Organizations:                        

 Hospitals Nursing Homes
 Hospice Home Health Agencies
 Rehab Centers
 Outpatient Clinics
 Mental Health Organizations
 Corporate Wellness
 Restaurants Grocery Stores
 Dialysis Centers
 Physician Offices
 Group Homes
 WIC (Women, Infants, Children)

Individualized Services for your Organization

With dietitians on our staff having various specializations, Nutrition That Works, LLC can provide customized and specialized services for any of your nutrition needs.  Specialties include:  conducting nutrition assessments, nutrition counseling for individuals or groups, health fairs, speaking engagements, menu analysis, and more! Some of the services we could provide:

 Nutrition Screenings & Assessments
 Review Menus / Modified Diets
 Tube Feeding Calculations
 Wound Care Nutrition Interventions
 Individualized Nutrition Care Plans
 Nutrition Counseling and Education
 In-services to Staff as requested
 MDS 3.0, CAA's Care Plans
 Review Polices and Procedures
 Review Nutritional Formulary
 Participation in Facility Team Meetings
 Participation in Interdisciplinary Committees

Benefits of Utilizing Nutrition That Works, LLC:

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